Most Audi car purchasers from countries in Europe, and even ones from the USA face the problem of picking up their purchased cars from the factories in Europe. For Americans, even, they have to travel all the way to Europe just to purchase a car, and travel back to their country with the car. This practice is not just common among Americans, because even car purchasers in Europe itself still take the time to pick their purchased cars from the factories. For instance, if you purchase an Audi Car, you will still have to travel to the factory to get your car and use it drive your way home.

However, a better alternative has been recently put into place in order to provide solutions to these problems. This is through the Audi European Delivery Program. This delivery system is also known as tourist delivery, overseas delivery, or factory delivery. This procedure is relatively unknown to many; however, it is available at Audi dealership in the U.S as well. A buyer only needs to go to the dealership office and order a car, placing it under  Delivery request. Typically, the order should be made about three months prior to the designated date of delivery. The savings that you can expect may vary depending on the manufacturer. However, it is expected that you can significantly save a whole lot of money as compared to picking the car up by yourself straight from the factory.

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Audi Delivery is not only available for free but there are also other amenities and benefits that you can enjoy. For instance, you may be able to enjoy a one night stay in a luxury hotel. As a matter of fact, this is a standard giveaway by availing of the program. Automakers may also offer admission to their museums, and they may also offer you good food while you are waiting at the delivery center.

European DeliveryThe Early Days

The Audi Delivery of the modern world can trace its history back to the 50’s when the armed forces members return from Europe bringing with them European cars. Because of this encouragement, more have sought ways to purchase cars from Europe, then shipping them to the USA. A decade after, in the 60’s, foreign cars are still somewhat unusual in the roads of the USA. However, these days, this has totally changed. The popularity of European cars has been widely accepted.

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The European Delivery started with the idea that Americans can now freely order their desired European car, and have them shipped to the USA for free. As a result, this can prove to be a good decision as you may be able to save a good amount of money typically spent on having to go to Europe personally and paying charges for the delivery of the car, not to mention the taxes that you need to pay for the transfer.

What this programm includes

With this offer, you can take advantage of a one night stay in a participating hotel, transportation between the airport and the factory, as well as international vehicle registration and insurance for 14 days, customs duty and clearance, drop off location fees, marine insurance and ocean freight, as well as storage and terminal handling fees. Audi can also provide you more perks such as meals at its Ingolstadt’s Marche restaurant on the day of your delivery day, offering a guided tour of the factory, and its Mobile museum.

Aside from that, Audi  Delivery also allows you to complete your European tip in one of the 14 cities. Also, you are assured of the no drop-off fee for the locations. Generally, there are six drop off locations all over Germany, and not to mention the other options in France, Belgium, Holland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, and United Kingdom. The final delivery of the car may usually take about 8 to 10 weeks right after the drop off date. However, it is also very important to take note that not all models are eligible. In order to know whether the model that you are trying to purchase is included, make sure to visit the company website for more information.

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